All the sculptures are made of polymer clay which is strong and durable.  Regular dusting and occasional washing will keep them nice for years to come.  The sculptures can be made any size and can also be hand-painted in color if you prefer.  When unpainted, the finish is matte but with color they will have a soft satin finish.  They all come ready to hang. 

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Sea Textures Wall Tiles

Coral Reef White Clay Wall Art Tiles Set of 6

Flower 3D Wall Sculptures

Half Ball Clay Floral Wall Sculptures or Ornaments Set of 3

240,00 €

DIY Coral Reef Wall Installation

Create your own coral reef wall art.

510,00 €

Coral Reef Wall Installation

DIY Clay Coral Reef 70 Elements

600,00 €

Sea Urchins Decor

Group of 6 Clay Sea Urchins

150,00 €

Spirals Coral Sculpture

Small Coral Wall Sculpture

120,00 €

Coral Sea Textures 8

Tube Coral Clay Wall Art

250,00 €

Ocean Wall Sculpture

Biomorphic Sea Textures Clay Wall Art

150,00 €

Sea Textures Squares

Set of 4 Square Clay Art Tiles

500,00 €

Flower Wall Sculpture

3D Clay Flower for Wall Installation

25,00 €

Barnacles Wall Sculpture

Sea Textures Clay Wall Art Tile

50,00 €

Clay Wall Flower

Hand-Sculpted Wall Flower Decor

270,00 €

Brain Coral Sculpture

Half Ball Clay Ornament or Wall Hanging

95,00 €


Clay Artichoke Ornament or Wall Hanging

75,00 €

Succulent Wall Sculpture

Clay Plant Wall Sculpture

80,00 €

Textured Coral Wall Panel

3D Clay Sculptural Wall Panel

3000,00 €

Sea Textures Wall Art

Organic Shape Clay Coral Wall Sculpture

60,00 €

Large Flower Sculpture

Cream Clay Wall Flower

230,00 €

Dahlia Flower Sculpture

3D Clay Dahlia Flower Wall Sculpture

95,00 €

Brain Coral Sculpture

Brain Coral Clay Ornament

95,00 €

DIY Coral Reef Wall Installation

Create your own coral reef wall art.

320,00 €

Flower Wall Sculpture

Minimalist White Clay Flower Wall Art

95,00 €

See Coral Sculpture

Clay Sea Textures 3D Wall Sculpture

130,00 €

Sea Textures Squares

Hand-Sculpted Clay Wall Panels Set of 2

2400,00 €

Flowers Wall Sculpture

Floral Square Clay Wall Plaque

190,00 €

Sea Textures 1

Clay Coral Wall Sculpture

45,00 €

Starfish, Sand Dollar & Sea Snail Set

Sea Creatures Clay Sculptures

80,00 €

Flowers Wall Sculptures

Set of 3 Clay Wall Sculptures

240,00 €

Peony Flower Sculpture

3D Clay Peony Flower Wall Art

150,00 €

3D Coral Wall Plaque

Clay 3D Coral Wall Art

140,00 €
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