All wall sculptures are made of polymer clay which is strong and durable.  Regular dusting and occasional wiping with a damp cloth will keep them beautiful for years to come.  Wall sculptures can be made any size and color.  I can color match too, just send me a swatch or image.  When unpainted, the finish is matte but with color they will have a soft satin finish.  All artwork comes ready to hang. 

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Dahlia Flower Sculpture

3D Clay Dahlia Flower Wall Sculpture

Base price: 95,00 €
Price / kg:

Coral Wall Sculptures

Set of 5 Clay Coral Wall Sculptures

Base price: 350,00 €
Price / kg:

Brain Coral Sculpture

Brain Coral Clay Ornament

Base price: 95,00 €
Price / kg:

Magnolia Flower Sculpture

Magnolia Flower Clay Wall Sculpture in Cream

Base price: 170,00 €
Price / kg:

Peony Flower Sculpture

3D Clay Peony Flower Wall Art

Base price: 150,00 €
Price / kg:

Flowers Wall Sculptures

Set of 3 Clay Wall Sculptures

Base price: 240,00 €
Price / kg:

3D Coral Wall Plaque

Clay 3D Coral Wall Art

Base price: 140,00 €
Price / kg:

DIY Coral Reef Wall Installation

Create your own coral reef wall art.

Base price: 510,00 €
Price / kg:

Coral Reef Wall Installation

DIY Clay Coral Reef 70 Elements

Base price: 600,00 €
Price / kg: 1000,00 €

Flowers Wall Sculpture

Floral Square Clay Wall Plaque

Base price: 190,00 €
Price / kg: 316,67 €

Enoki Mushroom Sculpture

Enoki Mushroom Clay Sculpture

Base price: 480,00 €
Price / kg: 800,00 €

Biomorphic Sculpture

Circular biomorphic sculpture

Base price: 480,00 €
Price / kg: 800,00 €
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