Some of the oil paintings here are ready to ship but for those that are not, please allow around 3 to 4 weeks as oil paint takes a little time to dry.  All of my oil paintings are painted on gallery wrapped canvas and come ready to hang.  If you would like a very large painting, above 1 meter, then this will be worked on unstretched canvas and shipped in a tube.  You can then get it stretched at a framing company near you.  This is a safer method of shipping large works.

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oil paintings

Large Red Pepper Wall Art

Pepper Photo Realistic Oil on Canvas

1100,00 €

Cherries in Pink Bowl

Cherries in Vintage Bowl Oil on Canvas

1800,00 €

Enoki Mushrooms Oil Painting

Enoki Mushrooms in Glass Bowl Oil on Canvas

2700,00 €

Mushroom II

Original Fungi Oil Painting on Canvas

420,00 €

Scopse Owl

Scopse Owl Oil Painting

150,00 €

Raven I

Raven Oil Painting

150,00 €

Persimmon in Bowl

Persimmon Fruit in Vintage Glass Bowl

1800,00 €

Cracked It

Eggs Still Life Oil Painting

80,00 €


Garlic Bulbs on Textured Black Background

550,00 €

Oranges in Blue Bowl

Orange Fruit in Vintage Bowl Still Life Oil Painting

1500,00 €


Magpie Bird Oil Painting

95,00 €

Jay Bird Painting

Garden Wildlife Jay Bird Oil Painting

95,00 €

Raven III

Raven Bird Oil Painting

250,00 €

Garlic on Paper

Garlic Bulb Oil on Paper Painting

40,00 €

Fig Painting

Small Half Fig Oil Painting

100,00 €


Onions Oil & Acrylic Painting

700,00 €

Fruit Gallery Wall

Fruit Oil Paintings on Paper

350,00 €

Figs III

Figs Oil on Canvas

160,00 €


Raspberry Fruit Oil Painting

230,00 €


Cygnet Oil Painting

110,00 €


Chicken Oil Painting

120,00 €


Cabbage Still Life Oil Painting

280,00 €


Minimalist Cactus Oil on Canvas

250,00 €


Anemone Flower Oil Painting

620,00 €

Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage Oil on Canvas

75,00 €