Spirals Coral Sculpture

Small Coral Wall Sculpture

120,00 €

Clay Wall Flower

Hand-Sculpted Wall Flower Decor

270,00 €

Succulent Wall Sculpture

Clay Plant Wall Sculpture

80,00 €

Horse Chestnuts Painting

Conkers Acrylic on Canvas

1500,00 €

Large Red Pepper Wall Art

Pepper Photo Realistic Oil on Canvas

1100,00 €

Sea Textures Squares

Hand-Sculpted Clay Wall Panels Set of 2

2400,00 €

Coral Wall Decor

Hand-Sculpted Clay Wall Panel

2700,00 €

Cherries in Pink Bowl

Cherries in Vintage Bowl Oil on Canvas

1800,00 €

Enoki Mushrooms Oil Painting

Enoki Mushrooms in Glass Bowl Oil on Canvas

2700,00 €

Sea Textures Wall Tiles

Coral Reef White Clay Wall Art Tiles Set of 6

Textured Coral Wall Panel

3D Clay Sculptural Wall Panel

3000,00 €

Plumbago Canvas Print

Blue Flower Canvas Print

52,00 €

Artichoke II Framed Print

Framed Print Giclee of Cut Artichoke

165,00 €

Cabbage Canvas Print

Giclee Canvas Print of Cabbage

52,00 €

Lisianthus Flower Print

Unframed Print of Lisianthus

15,00 €

Eage Owl Framed Print

Framed Print of Eagle Owl

52,00 €

Orchid Canvas Print

White Orchid on Black Canvas Print

80,00 €

Asparagus Canvas Print

Asparagus Vegetable on Canvas Reproduction

52,00 €

Persimmon in Bowl

Persimmon Fruit in Vintage Glass Bowl

1800,00 €

Dandelion Framed Print

Framed Square Dandelion Seedhead Print

99,00 €

Hydrangea Deconstructed

Framed 3D Clay Wall Art Installation

2300,00 €

Oranges in Blue Bowl

Orange Fruit in Vintage Bowl Still Life Oil Painting

1500,00 €

Enoki Mushroom Sculpture

Enoki Mushroom Clay Sculpture

480,00 €

Biomorphic Sculpture

Circular biomorphic sculpture

480,00 €

Flower Wall Sculpture

3D Clay Flower for Wall Installation

25,00 €

Sea Textures Squares

Set of 4 Square Clay Art Tiles

500,00 €

Coral Sea Textures 8

Tube Coral Clay Wall Art

250,00 €

Coral Reef Wall Installation

DIY Clay Coral Reef 70 Elements

600,00 €

White Orchid with Water Droplets

White Orchid Acrylic on Canvas Painting

300,00 €

Purple Hydrangea

Purple Hydrangea Acrylic Painting

1950,00 €
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