STUDIO EXPERIENCE / Experience en Studio d'Artiste

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Stuck for a gift? Why not offer someone a STUDIO EXPERIENCE!. I'm offering individual tuition for an afternoon, 2 until 6pm, at the price of €60 including refreshments and all materials. The tuition can be geared towards the pupil and what they wish to get out of their time in the studio. A handmade card with a voucher can be sent directly to the person you wish to gift the studio experience to. Vouchers will be valid for 6 months. Please contact me if you need more information.

Coincé pour un cadeau? Pourquoi ne pas offrir à quelqu'un une expérience en studio! J'offre des cours individuels pour un après-midi, de 2h à 18h, au prix de €60 y compris les rafraîchissements et tout le matériel. Les cours peuvent être orientés vers l'élève et leurs niveau. Une carte faite à la main avec un coupon peut être envoyée directement à la personne à qui vous souhaitez offrir l'expérience en studio. Les coupons seront valable pour 6 mois. S'il vous plaît contactez-moi si vous avez besoin de plus d'informations.



art classes

Held in a well-lit artist's studio in Singleyrac (nr Sigoules), these classes are designed to enable both beginners as well as intermediate artists to receive individual attention to develop their skills under the tutelage of a professional artist.

Se déroulant dans un atelier d’artiste lumineux à Singleyrac (proche de Sigoulès), ces cours ont vocation à permettre aux débutants et aux artistes plus confirmés de développer leurs compétences à l’aide d’un accompagnement individualisé par une artiste professionnelle.

The size of the classes is limited to 6 students, and there is space available to work either seated at a table, or alternatively at an easel.  The classes will focus on figurative painting but creative interpretation will be encouraged. 

Le nombre d’élèves est limité à 6 par classe.  Il y a ainsi beaucoup d’espace pour travailler sur une table, ou en utilisant un chevalet. Les cours porteront avant tout sur la peinture figurative, mais l’interprétation créative sera également encouragée.

The tutor, Cathy Savels, is a mixed media artist, and thus any medium can be taught, including but not limited to watercolours, acrylics or oil.  Tuition will be adapted to suit the individual.  You'll be taught how to progress from direct observation and studies to creating a free and intuitive, yet artistically coherent, response to your subject.  You will also be able to discover new ways of combining materials that will expand your painting vocabulary as well as experimenting with new techniques to create even-more dynamic compositions. 

Cathy Savels, qui enseignera ces cours, est une artiste en média mixte, et peut ainsi former à plusieurs médiums, comme l'aquarelle, à l’acrylique ou à l’huile, entre autres. L’accompagnement sera adapté aux besoins de chacun. Vous serez formés à passer de l’observation directe d’un sujet à une réponse plus libre mais qui reste cohérente sur le plan artistique. Vous découvrirez également de nouvelles combinaisons de techniques de manière à faire progresser votre vocabulaire artistique, de même qu’expérimenter avec de nouvelles techniques pour créer des œuvres encore plus dynamiques.


€12 for 2 hours (including refreshments)
TARIFS: 12 pour 2 heures (rafraîchissements compris)

DATES: To be confirmed. (Please phone to give your best day of the week)
DATES: A confirmer (Svp appeler pour me donner votre meillieur jour du semaine)

° Please note you will need to bring your own materials, and help and advice on this, is of course, available.

° Veuillez noter que vous devrez apporter votre propre matériel, et bien sûr, nous pourrons conseiller sur ce point.

Please telephone for more details on/Pour plus d'info, svp appeler 05 53 24 12 14  or/ou 06 27 15 12 47

Paper Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

I came across these paper bird sculptures and was totally amazed. We are not talking  origami here. The Colombian artist has created paper sculptures of more than 100 species, and they are startlingly realistic. It's quite mind blowing that these are made out of simple colored paper. 

You can find more amazing paper sculptures by this artist here.

Canadian Artist Gwen Card Flower Series

I discovered this artist a while back and often refer back to her paintings. The simple reason is that as far as injecting light into a still life, these are some of the best I've seen.  Because I work mainly on textures, ie string and fabric, it is very difficult to achieve this kind of effect and it is something I struggle with.  I think you'll agree that these are a feast for the eyes.  Enjoy!



Please go and visit this artist's website here for more amazing paintings.

Amanda Smith - Unique Ceramic Artist

I am currently working on a tree lichen series of works constructed in polymer clay.  I am constantly looking for inspiration on how other artists produce 3 dimensional works on canvas and came across the amazing work of Amanda Smith. 

Amanda Smith's work is comprised of hand-built and slip-cast clay, which is then painted with layers of ceramic underglazes, glazes, oil paint and hanging hardware.

Looking at these ceramic pieces, I am pleasantly reminded of the work of Henry Darger. But of course, Smith has her own style and her own medium–that is not Darger’s. I can appreciate the influence, nonetheless. What a marvel of detail and imaginary scenery these ceramics reveal!




Pod Series Sculptures by Lori B Goodman

Kozo, the bark of a Japanese mulberry tree, is the main substance of these mixed media sculptures and installations. For thousands of years this bark has been harvested annually (the tree is cut leaving a base that grows back quickly), and made into an extremely strong and beautiful paper. The natural beauty of the white paper is exciting and mysterious in itself. Sometimes Lori adds pigment or dye to this characteristically long, shiny, translucent fiber, which creates an intense and integral color. Often the paper is stretched like skin over an armature of reed, cane or bamboo.  I think you'll agree that the work of Lori B Goodman is fascinating and unique.  I particularly like her Pod Series.



Paper Sculptures by Peter Gentenaar

The paper sculptures of Peter Gentenaar are really quite incredible.  He makes all his own paper and this is then re-inforced with thin bamboo ribs which makes it strong.  The forms are actually caused by the drying and shrinking in unison.  It is not pre-determined at the beginning of sculpting.  This makes these sculptures even more amazing. 


Food Paintings by Ben Schonzeit

Now clearly I like paintings of food or any botanical subject and I often look around the internet for inspiration.  I came across these hyper realistic paintings by Ben Schonzeit which just blew my mind.  The detail in them is incredible.  I also like to play with repetition of a subject which he also does.  Hope you enjoy these.




Click on the images to see more amazing works like these.

Some Inspiration

I was very inspired by this artist, Mister Finch. I love his take on natural subjects.