These mixed media paintings vary between string art, paper sculpting or fiber art.  The 3-dimensional works are incredibly tactile which is difficult to show on a computer screen.  Please click on the images to see the close-up shots which will give you a good idea.   

Big Tomato 3D Mixed Media Painting

Big Tomato Painting in Fabric 3 Dimensional Wall Art

600,00 €

Kiwi String Art Painting

Kiwi Mixed Media String Art

350,00 €

Citron II String Painting

Citron II - Lemon Mixed Media Painting

1700,00 €

Artichoke Half II

Artichoke Half II Mixed Media Original

1700,00 €

Tomato Slices

Tomato Slices Painting Modern Kitchen Picture Botanical ...

450,00 €

Half Artichoke Painting

Half Artichoke String Art Painting

190,00 €

Broccoli Vegetable Painting

Broccoli Vegetable Painting String Art Original Mixed Media

900,00 €

Blue Butterflies

Blue Butterflies 3D Original Mixed Media Painting

220,00 €

Peacock Feathers 2

Peacock Feathers Painting Framed Textured String Art

190,00 €

Whimsical Tree

Whimsical Tree Painting Mixed Media Original in Neutral ...

60,00 €

Allium Flowers

Framed Allium Flower String Art

120,00 €

Two Red Cherries

Framed Red Cherries String Art

120,00 €

Lemon Slice

Lemon slice String Art on Canvas

130,00 €


Abstract Tree Lichen String Art on Canvas

250,00 €

Daisy Daisy

Daisy Mixed Media

400,00 €


Asparagus Acrylic & Sculpted Paper on Canvas

750,00 €

Lavender I

Lavender I - string/acrylic on canvas

170,00 €

Dive-in Kiwi

Dive-in Kiwi Original String Art Painting

2200,00 €


Logged Framed Abstract String Art on Canvas

420,00 €

Mussels II

Framed Mussels Seashells String Art

470,00 €

Monarch Butterfly

Framed Monarch Butterfly Wing String Art on Wood

110,00 €


Iris Fiber Art & Acrylic on Canvas

600,00 €

Apple Half

Apple Half Framed String Art

420,00 €

Artichoke Half

Artichoke Half String Art on Canvas

320,00 €

Red Poppy

Red Poppy Fiber Art

350,00 €

Roped In

Roped In - Original String Art

900,00 €
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