Vernissage Castillonnés August 2015

Opening night for this summer's exhibition was a great success and I saw many familiar and new faces.  I had some lovely comments regarding my work which is always a great motivator to keep on going. 


By day 4, 7 paintings had been sold and a commission taken so I could not be more happy.  The exhibition is running until 25th August if anyone still wants to visit. 

Next Exhibition Details Summer 2015

The next exhibition will be here in France during the summer.  It will be at the same venue as last summer, Castillionnes, Nr Bergerac here in France.  It will run from 15th August to 25th August. 

I'll be focussing more on floral subjects and the exhibition will include some sculptures as well as monochromatic works.  Here is a sneek preview.

White Hydrangea - completed February 2015 - Acrylic on Canvas

Coral Sculpture - Polymer Clay

This is just a tiny sneek preview!  If you want to see more, you'll have to come to the exhibition!  Please come if you can and join me in a glass of vin.

Photos of Exhibition Castillonnes July 2014

Demonstrating string work. This was my half strawberry now finished and you can see in the gallery here.

Conversing in front of Dream of Beans.

Waiting for the Maire's speech.

Preparing for opening night.

Past Exhibitions


June/July 2009 Expo Sauxillange, Allier, France (mixed)

July/August 2008 Office de Tourisme, Giat, France (mixed)

Nov/Dec 2006 “Christmas Show” Mid-Cornwall Galleries, Cornwall (mixed)

June 2006 “Mother & Son” private show with photographs by Adam Chesterman

April 2006 “Art for Life” Christies, London (in conjunction with Cancer Research (mixed)

16 October 2005 “Going back to my Roots” private show, south-west France (solo)

April/May 2005 (1 work sold) “Pizza Queen” restaurant, south-west France (solo)

April 2005 “Spectacles” Fayssac Theatre, south-west France (mixed)

26 March 2005 “Cathy’s interactive Gallery” private show, south-west France (solo)

10 September 2004 “Seeking” private show, south-west France (solo)

July 2004 2nd place (out of 50 artists) with Gallery Interactive, Toulouse (mixed) “string beans”

Nov 2003 3rd place (out of 50 artists) with Gallery Interactive, Toulouse (mixed) “corks”

3 July 2003 “Introduction” private show, south-west France (solo)